7 thoughts of a mother preparing for her kid’s birthday party

1.) Honestly, does anyone actually scrub their toilet? Everyone just uses bleach wipes, right? Also can we all agree that a closed shower curtain means, “Don’t look at how dirty my bathtub is.”

2.) Is there going to be enough cake? I am going to need leftover cake when this thing is over.

3.) Should I get balloons? The kids love them, but there will be babies and the balloons WILL pop. No balloons.

4.) How did my baby get to be this old? (Crying)

5.) What other on-theme items can I whip up? It’s only 1 AM.

6.) Argh, I already vacuumed and there are more crushed Cheerios on the floor. Come on family, it can’t look like anyone lives in this house. (Who am I kidding; it would never be THAT clean.)

7.) Where did I hide away the candles? And the presents?



And, of course, it’s worth every worry.


MA3 blowing out birthday candles



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