The Cost

Items I do NOT know the cost of:

  1. gallon of gas (it’s not like I have time to shop around for this and I’m watching the kids through the car window as I pump)
  2. drink at the bar (haha)
  3. latest new phone (not going to happen and fancy things are magnets for childhood clumsiness)
  4. stocks (I just smile when my husband and father-in-law talk about them)
  5. a new car (my minivan is the bomb, obviously)


Items I DO know the cost of:

  1. box of diapers (duh)
  2. box of baby wipes (also, duh)
  3. graham crackers/Oreos/bananas/noodles (you know, the toddler food groups)
  4. allergen free foods (yay! food allergies! yay!)
  5. 12 pack of Diet Pepsi (because this mom needs caffeine)






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